Your opinion on Doreen Virtue

topic posted Sun, November 2, 2008 - 6:30 AM by  ENIAD
I have been reading Doreen Virtue's the Lightworker's way.
I am not familiar with the author but I can see that she has produced a lot of material.

What is your opinion of her, if I may ask.

Hope it is fine with my posting the question here.
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    Sun, November 2, 2008 - 6:46 AM
    I am not familiar with Doreen Virtue either, but I'll tell you what I do when before I scope out such material. I read what the skeptics have to say, check out whether they have been involved with lawsuits for fraud and/or financial problems, take a look at their fees ~if they have any, and read synopses of their works that are not just book promos. There is a lot of junk out there, so a little preliminary homework is not a bad idea before prospectively wasting time on stuff that is just bosh.
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      Sun, November 2, 2008 - 7:07 AM
      So you google the author and check the material. Interesting idea.

      Sometimes it is not just bosh but a combination and it is interesting to separate the teachings from the teacher: think Osho but even there I have my qualms. Why not only pick on the ethical writers/teachers.

      So far I find her interesting as she gives practical pointers but I am having trouble with her take on the ego - must we really kill it? That could be my problem and even a wording thing as to what we deem the ego to be.
      She also insists that forgiveness be given and that it is one of the major sources of all unhealing. It sounds Christian and controlling.
      Maybe she is right that unforgiveness blocks the energetic pathways.

      I knew someone else who used the same speech, blaming everything on that but it was a control mechanism in his case and he had even not done it either but then people will latch onto any spiritual discourse. There are enough fundamentalists of all ilks running around with that one and I include a few New-Agers in the lot.

      What spooks me is that I do not like her eyes. There is something controlling and not totally clean there that does not feel right.
      I could be catching some past lives when she wasn't all light. That happens to me a lot.
      And yet she does all that angelic stuff and healing the planet etc.

      I am feeling guilty because I do not like her eyes. My unease - but am learning from her material.
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        Sun, November 2, 2008 - 7:15 AM
        Many times there is a good reason for a repulsion to a particular feature. (For a funny instance of this, check out steveo's blog on Hank Paulson's pinkie).

        I can say this much, if DV is advocating the "killing" of the ego, I would give her a wide berth. This is a classic cultist technique. The ego gets a bad rap, but really it is part of the human psyche for very good reasons, not least of which is to protect oneself from falling prey to others who claim not to have one.
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          Sun, November 2, 2008 - 7:29 AM
          I've read Lightworker's way and some of her other books.

          Her religious background is omething called: "Christian Science". Not really big in my neck of the woods.

          She has become a very wealthyf rom her books, cards and seminars and she sells 'acreditation' for some dort of program.

          Read the small book 'Earth Angels'. That's where her real following comes from.

          Empathically - yeah I do pick up a serious scary vibe. (Kinda like a secret Mistress of the BDSM variety) . Like you wouldn't want to get on her bad side, because she would enjoy punishing people who cross her path.
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            Sun, November 2, 2008 - 7:44 AM
            Mary Baker Eddy, who ws born in 1821 in New Hampshire to a Congrgationalist couple. She was the founder of Christian Science, which rejects medicine and doctors. One of my aunts is a Christian Scientist, but she had to bend a bit when my uncle needed her care for Type I Diabetes. You don't mess around with that.
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              Sun, November 2, 2008 - 7:49 AM
              Sorry for my sloppy typing above.
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                Sun, November 2, 2008 - 9:15 AM
                Thanks for the confirmation. She did give me the creeps like the whole thing was a masquerade in reverse.
                However, she does write about her own short commings but I know that it is not enough to know about one's pitfalls. One must correct them.

                I am also happy to see that not everyone is into the rabbid kiliing of the ego.

                I have trouble reconnecting with angels actually because of people "like that" and I get her...It is a aign and I will continue.
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        Sat, November 29, 2008 - 7:40 PM
        Don't kill the ego! Don't feel guilty about not liking her eyes. That might betray a window to her soul...financially speaking. I checked out the skeptics' websites too. Her take on the indigo concept, not cool. Why did it come out of a Kyron Channeling she vests in it. We on the inside know about what its like to grow up pissed off, enraged and in general picked on like ping pong balls in a machine whether at home or in school.

        We must not forget there are such things as Pagan fundies, the totally Christian bashing kind, and the ones who are into the Burning Times complex I'm going to satirize in both a verbal sketch tale as well as a poem? I'm reading my poetry these days or at least had the balls to read one poem. YAY! I'm doing what a writer is meant to be doing.

        Ms. Virtue: has opinions about indigos that make me want to puke. She seems to feel that we... ahem, are Saviors of the World... a statement that most of us with half a brain would beat up immediately even without access to punch bags as an outlet. You are right about the controlling aspect of her opinion on forgiveness. Mind you I've heard her radio program on Youtube, bless their hearts, and also through life experience, have determined that if I read her books I will possibly throw it across the room not that my books look well-loved i.e. trashed from my habits with them. The intense reaction to her ideas is pretty much that she 1) could not handle Sekhmet in her face about anything, including my cussing habit, she is pretty um.. WASP, 2) she has this submissive quality about her, she preaches love love love but see, stuff like abuse cannot be forgiven and forgotten. It scares the body/mind/soul forever.

        You eventually get your head out of the hat of submissive behavior but see, I think she wouldn't know how to scream a kiai if it hit her in the face. If you catch past lives in the first place, cool. I walk around sensing so much C#$$ from others both good, bad and ugly, that I freak out. My days feel like I have a heard of rampaging elephants in my head. Doreen makes indigos look like fluffy light beings when many of us have a warrior spirit streak worse than Xena, Warrior Princess, who though fictional, strikes me as someone with more Elder Potential than Doreen who I doubt is indigo herself. Some of us who are indigo, whether self-proclaimed or "OMFG, that's me and I have a name for it!", know better than to let ego take over our money hungry ways that are currently found in this society. Of course, nobody's perfect. Niceness is there for the sake of social lubricant so we otherwise don't kill each other as savages we once were, having somewhat evolved save the recent Mumbai psychoticness. I have to wonder if torturing the assholes who killed innocents is legal in the Indian court system. Believe you me, I hear Sharia (sp?) law is not that innocent either.

        Ego is not there to be killed, it is there to be mastered. Star Wars remember? The ego may lead to hate which leads to anger which leads to the Dark side. Yet somehow there are fundie Christians who probably love Star Wars unless they really have a stick up the you know where. Ego, hell you know Donald Trump likes a good ego on someone, but he has a pretty dastardly ego anyway! Don't feel guilty for knowing the truth about Doreen Virtue's eyes darling, its not helping you, it may perhaps be stressing you out too much.

        Angel work is all good obviously but I hear that Ceremonial Magick involves working with demonic types who you summon but somehow make an exchange with them? Not that I'm into that but I want a very conversant edumication into pagan philosophy as well as some metaphysical stuff, as in, theosophy, and even.. well, a bit o' the metaphysical but I really have strong leanings towards Deepak Chopra who is the least of the nutcases out there if not a nutcase at all. :) Peace within for you, I think I know who you are but I forget your name. Even Luke Skywalker had to kill hella people.. he blew up the Deathstar, twice! Does that make him a good guy? Sure, he freed the Old Republic, but what about the families of all the guys and girls who worked on the Deathstars that they all blew up, even the Imperial fleet? So Doreen's not perfect, big whup. Hopefully she knows how to kick demon ass at best like most of us would like to learn!
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          Sat, November 29, 2008 - 7:58 PM
          You know, I wouldn't worry about it too much since it usually winds up that the "They will be known by their fruits" comes out eventually. Meanwhile, it is difficult for those who are swayed by ideas (as actually we all are) to see things clearly until the fruits are very ripe indeed. If one has set up the proper precautions, such as preserving the ego and using benevolent skepticism, all should work out well enough, and lessons can be learned without too much damage. I don't think that our friend here is overly gullible in her explorations. So I remain rather confident that she will be okay. For my part, however, I have no desire to truck with her interest, but then, I prefer the solitary pattern that I make out for myself in the woods.
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    Sun, November 2, 2008 - 10:19 AM
    I find her a bit creepy too. And her books are more than a bit repetitious. Actually, she reminds me of Sylvia Brown. I know Sylvia Brown is popular, but I think while she may have been a true psychic once upon a time, her fame has gone to her head and she's just in it for the money now. They both know they have a ready market for their books, regardless if they have any content. I think Doreen Virtue and Sylvia Brown both have had things to say in the past, but I'm equally sure that they exhausted their fonts of wisdom long ago.
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      Sun, November 2, 2008 - 10:28 AM
      Slyvia Brown has been rather thoroughly debunked. There is a raft of information on her.
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        Sun, November 2, 2008 - 5:06 PM
        Some of what she is writing is good and some is bosh and it is either one or the other.

        What is bad with such things from such people is that it turns dogmatic/fundamentalistic after a while and you end up having to stop and analyse everything that is being said as to where it is coming from.
        It really gets to be a drag.
        ...and yet she claims to have all these angels working for her producing semi-miracles.

        Makes you wonder if the angels are in their right mind!

        I just hate this. Why can't there be brains and wits in the higher spheres? There must be.

        Sylvia Brown also gets on my nerves. She produced good material but then who did the research for her and where did she borrow some of her material from.

        She just raves and rants about her exes. Yet, she picked them "vile" several times.
        She is supposed to be an excellent medium and that is all she gets for herself.
        She should go in therapy to cure the patterns before she drags the whole thing in future livetimes back with the exes on cellular memories.

        People's personal live also matter, especially people who set themselves up as example.

        Your personality is your foundation whether you are psychic or anything else.

        I am thoroughly annoyed from having had to wade through all this.
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          Sun, November 2, 2008 - 6:10 PM
          You need to study up on Doreen's bio before giving her thr brush-off. As I understand it, her work evolved from her role as a medical or counseling provider of some sort for autistic children, and she wrote the book about the Indigo Children from that experience.

          When we refer to the death of the ego, remember, we are talking about completely leaving duality and operating from Unity Consciousness, where the ego is useless.

          Don't give up on her just yet. I used to regularly listen to her chakra clearing CD on the way to sleep at night.
        • Unsu...

          Re: Your opinion on Doreen Virtue

          Sat, November 8, 2008 - 8:56 AM
          I am a big fan of Doreen Virtue and Sylvia Brown. I cannot follow all of their stuff or afford their salons,trips/workshops[yet], but they also provide affordable books, cards, cds, and free radio shows. I do get annoyed to see them put out too many decks of cards-then it does seem to commercial hen they do that-but everyone deserves to get paid for their work and it give people more options to find a way to grow spiritually.

          I went straight for Sylvia's books the day my mother died, and Doreen's work helped me try to come back to make something with my own life instead of giving up. A piece of Doreen's advice is actually that it is better not to go to only one teacher, one healer, or only one place for wisdom-that it is a sign of a problem if someone will only go to one person for all of their spiritual teachings. If you want a spiritual teacher, yo have many choices-there is not only one way or method to grow and learn. I listen to their radio shows and they are never judgmental to any of their callers.

          There are so many spiritual teachers today we are lucky we can pick and choose the ones we want to learn from.
          • Re: Your opinion on Doreen Virtue

            Sat, November 8, 2008 - 1:34 PM
            Yes, we are living in these lucky times of plenty. We are so blessed because it is hard finding one's way in all this alone. It is, in fact, almost impossible.
            Luckily, there are many teachers along the way.
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        Sat, November 29, 2008 - 7:49 PM
        So.. how do you prove/accept a real psychic?

        I want to contribute to parapsychology in some way in the times of regained economic prosperity when the banks aren't closing and
        people aren't freaking out about Great Depression 2.0!

        Biofeedback holds some tools to proving all this psychic stuff, if genuine physiological changes are made in the body! (hell I got one of the highest grades in the class in the midterm for that one, even if it was only like half the points on the entire thing out of 20 or something? Why must we throw out old work my friends? Because the paper piles up!

        Yeah, I've read a few Sylvia Browne books. Her organization is iffy at best, I've never been in her presence but she'd freak out because I can see the real her like so many who are used to ego stroking, so common of American society. We spawn this issue of ego of course.

        Granted, she was poor growing up or at least went through some financial hardship. If she's been debunked, why do people still believe in her? Why do they believe in psychics anyway? I have trouble believing in that side of myself even when I've been right but had my totally wrong moments. I can say it when I'm wrong you guys, its not like I'm going to flip out. That may make me more legit? I know how not to contaminate my perceptions with asking questions, that is annoying. I learned this at least in my former spiritualist training group. I wish I could find another one near me exclusively but not dealing with Sylvia Browne or the other dude I know of... the bigger churches have this groupie thing going on besides. Ugh. I'm not the sort who fawns over celebrities.

        I would not flip out meeting anybody... no screaming and crying. Hell, the author of To Kill A Mocking Bird would probably get that somewhat but she's reclusive so I wouldn't want to freak her out. Politicians? Nah.. I admire Whoopie Goldberg, but I'd rather spend time chatting up the celebrity for awhile in a small setting like Starbucks or something as opposed to gushing, screaming, crying, not even David Boreanez would get that response out of me. I'd be like 'hi, I liked Angel, and you're cool on Bones but did they have to put you in the boxing ring just to make fun of Angel being bigger and stronger than the cop whose so little anyway compared to Dr. Brenner?" Sheesh.

        I want to find a smallerish environment.
        • Re: Your opinion on Doreen Virtue

          Sat, November 29, 2008 - 8:12 PM
          Harper Lee wrote To Kill a Mockingbird. She is a very Southern person.

          I totally think Sylvia Browne is a fraud, but that will not affect anyone who believe she is genuine. So, I just let it go. I know this sounds completely self-centered, but at a certain point that is really all one is left with anyway ~ I can no longer care too much at all about what the other person decides for himself. What is more important to me is what I decide for myself. I really think it has to be that way for all of us anyway. And even if we resist it or refuse to admit it, that is really what it winds up being anyway, right or wrong, better or worse.
  • Re: Your opinion on Doreen Virtue

    Sun, November 2, 2008 - 6:28 PM
    I heard Doreen Virtue speak several years ago, and found her inspiring but a bit fluffy for my tastes. I've read a few of her books, including LIghtworker's Way and Indigo Children. Some of what she says makes a lot of sense, but as someone else said, there's a lot of repetition and a lot of fluff and padding.

    I actually don't have a huge problem with her religious background, as she doesn't really bring a lot of that into the books or get preachy. What I have a problem with is the generic nature of much of her work. I guess maybe it's intended for people who are starting from scratch and know nothing, but wouldn't it be refreshing to have someone write at a more advanced level on this material?
    • Re: Your opinion on Doreen Virtue

      Sun, November 2, 2008 - 7:37 PM
      "...I just hate this. Why can't there be brains and wits in the higher spheres? There must be...."

      Ahhh yes, sadly this is something I ahve struggled with for a few years.

      It is because....the New Age is filled with a lot of Bulldust and fakes.

      It's not all like that, prolly just 80%

      I don't know about Doreen. I sense that she means well fromher point of view.

      It's when we trun our critical mind off and believe anything and everything told to us (Especillay in pretty packages)...that's when we truly start having shit for brains..imho. (Don't be offended that's a term we use down under).
      • Re: Your opinion on Doreen Virtue

        Mon, November 3, 2008 - 4:51 AM
        I have had to turn down my own critical mind a notch.

        We filter everything, don't we? Everything gets seeped through the personality and we really must watch it.

        The chakra meditation is great, possibly the best I have come across in a long time. I finished the whole book and found the rest of the material interesting with a lot of practical clues along with the bits of dogma (from my point of view) but then "Jesus" wears many robes. He may have been a great shaman at one point before he went through the kaleidoscope of the times again...and I have a sneaky suspicion that so did she and brought some of the energy as a birthright.

        Taking on a new teacher, and have many is a bit like accepting a new lodger. They come in with their quirks and ticks and are annoying at first and then we get used to them.

        It was my first book of hers.
        • Re: Your opinion on Doreen Virtue

          Sat, November 29, 2008 - 7:57 PM
          Granted, you might get used to the lodger but you might not!

          Some people just do not mesh well together.

          I'll leave it at that after much roommate incompatibility drama.. and finding the right clique with a perma teacher/mentor who has their head on straight about grounding, centering, shielding, and empath blah blah has been hard. They also have to have human decency, good boundaries, healthy self-esteem, knowledge on handling various other issues, in general not be a total douchebag.

          Cup - offended, oschmended.That is the response of someone who is not confident about their own opinionated skin let alone their intellect.

          Dogma is smeg in many respects of the word if flexibility cannot be attained. Jesus was a shaman, bruja, witch, curandero, medium, medicine man, wise man, smart-aleck, and in general, my favorite scene in the Bible is when he gets really pissed at all the Pharisees et alia in the Temple... (I forget which one, someone correct me because my brain fog makes it hard to search through Biblegateway... meh), watching all of them ingrates sell their wares, engaged in bartering trade in a holy site. Yet Christia-nity, makes it hard for people to accept anger as a normal emotion especially resulting from disrespectful or unjust behavior on the part of someone else. Jesus' whole point with that one was to get righteous with it, and fight back. Oh if only Xena WP had done an episode featuring the Yoshua Ben Yosef himself. They got away with Kali but not Jesus? I think I will work the cojones up to read Doreen Virtue... I may be a lightworker but I don't believe in being a pushover. If you have to be an ahole, by all means, be one. Sometimes it is necessary to do all the lightworking. Then again being unfair is exactly that.
  • Re: Your opinion on Doreen Virtue

    Sat, November 8, 2008 - 9:33 PM
    Hello. I am not going to sound like a professional critic here, but I have a personal story to share...

    I read only one book by Doreen Virtue, ten years ago. About communicating with God and the angels.
    That time was the most inspiring time in my life. Before I gave up spirituality and succumbed to chaos within the home, within me, and in school, etc...

    Anyway, I did try to get back to that book... with my friend, too who was religious.
    It went well for a while but, I got headaches when I pass through certain areas, and could smell flowers on just one stair (none before it, none past).... and saw 3-d silhouettes, etc... Paranoia shot up... I had to give it up and decided to go completely secular for a while.

    My friend told me about her experience in the school chapel where she felt that "spirits" were pushing down on her from above, tugging on her from behind/below.


    Bottomline is Doreen Virtue's teachings worked for me for a while.
    I don't know what went wrong though, it could be that I was too weak to follow through all the way,
    or I had basic problems.


    This year I rediscovered spirituality and ritual - this time Anton LaVey is my guide, in addition to Creative Recovery workshops...
    • Re: Your opinion on Doreen Virtue

      Sat, November 8, 2008 - 9:38 PM
      It sounds to me like you got onto the astral and found some shadows behind the veil, to which some others here alluded. I am very cautious when it comes to the astral, and I think that many teachers/psychics/healers tend to be a bit casual about it when there is some coin involved, even though they may not show that they are being casual. But the larger the audience, the more difficult it is to attend to anyone person, and in these matters, it is the individial student/protege/seeker who matters most.
  • Re: Your opinion on Doreen Virtue

    Sun, November 30, 2008 - 11:38 AM
    I don't know too much about her, to be honest, have come across this and that from her books on the net, but like anything, I take what I agree with and discard the rest.

    oh the look in her eyes... she creeps me out too. lol
  • Re: Your opinion on Doreen Virtue

    Fri, December 12, 2008 - 5:10 AM
    sound sound a business woman

    and a healer

    probably what it takes to get where she has

    her books are simple but effective

    a useful force in this modern world of ours

    she came to talk in my town a few years ago and was siging her book crystal children

    i thought she was ok

    peace shan

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