Does Anybody Else Hear Voices Inside Your Head? Or See Things and Beings Other People Don't?

topic posted Sun, August 6, 2006 - 2:24 PM by  Linda
If so, do you know where those Voices come from? Can you tell if they are Guidance from God or your Higher Self (Godself?), or from Angels, or Trees, or the People around you? Are the words loving, kind, repetitive, gentle, and with a feeling of calm and "yes this is THE next right thing for me to do?" Do any of you have visions, either of colors and shapes (like very colorful abstract art?), or of Angels, Faeries, dead people (the ones you would WANT to visit with, either family & friends who have "passed on" or famous dead celebrities?)? Do you get certain body sensations when you get messages from the Universe? Like, for example, a tight knot in the stomach for fear, a tingle in your genitals for sexual arousal, or a buzzing in your crown when you're receiving a "divine download" of Pure Universal Energy? I think that the kinds of messages and energies you get from the Universe at large, and from Beings such as Angels, Spirit Guides, the Ancestors (beloved and wise friends/family/celebrities who have gone to Heaven), have a LOT to do with the sort of energy you carry, and the lifestyle you choose. You attract what you are, or what you think and feel and talk about and give thanks for or worry and complain about all day long!! Me: I've personally heard Voices in my head since age 19, when I had my "nervous breakdown" (or First Shamanic Initiation and Opening to the Realm of Spirit and my Adult Profession as Shaman and Cultural Healer). I've had visions of the psychic kind ever since age 13. This has never, ever totally shut down. OH.... and since Spring of 2002, I've experienced Telepathy with other human beings, alive and dead. Starting with certain famous people, and moving on to people in Europe (complete with foreign language and true French, German, British, or Russian accents), then my Virtual Friends in cyberspace, and then Family, Friends, and on to people I see on television, as well as MANY others. This telepathy is HIGHLY ACCURATE. I find it highly useful.
I don't care if anybody else out there thinks this is "real (and therefore to be Taken Seriously) or not! If it works for me, makes my life better and happier, I'm keeping it! "Take what you like and leave the rest."
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  • from what I've observed, everybody hears them & everybody sees them ~ some people are just better at 'pretending' that they don't (& some people use them to their advantage more gracefully than others)

    love all-ways,
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      I am not so sure I would agree. I think we ALL have the potential to see and hear, but for whatever reason some of us don't get anything. I was told years ago that I was psychic, and shut it down a long time ago. Well I have been asking to see and hear, but nothing happens. Maybe my reception is off....lolololol! I have had feelings about people every now and then, but I guess I just don't care to infiltrate someone's energy field and figure out is going on and what makes them tick.

      I am quite positive I am not in denial. I believe that it all depends on what we chose to come through and work on in this life time. I had a past life where I saw, heard and knew maybe I am not going to use it this life time. So I let it go and allow the Universe to guide me where I need to be instead of trying to figure it out via my intuition.

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      <<<Yes the most interesting people hear voices ~
      Andrea Yates
      Son of Sam
      Jeff Dalmer
      Richard Ramariz
      Manson >>>

      I've been listening to those radio inteviews that I posted on the other thread. Andrea Yates was mentioned as probably being psychically attacked... or demonically. All of those individuals were probably more controlled by demonic activity as opposed to just hearing or seeing stuff. i.e. they were demonically possessed.

      As far as Christians hearing God to kill.... I don't ever hear that.

      I was reading something that said if you were having auditory or visual hallucinations and meds made them go away, that perhaps it may have been something else. Has anyone heard that? I do know that parts of the brain do affect people that prophesy... that it can actually be concretely determined. I'll have to find that somewhere.

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      here i go again!!!

      i forgot to mention the fact that we ARE living in what many call the turning point/end times. I study alot of prophesy... all belief systems. I am certain that we are in the times that have been told about.

      In these times alot of changes are taking place. In the bible it states that people will start to have more dreams, see & hear visions, etc..... just extraordinary spiritual realm gifts.

      I believe this. Another thing that I've noticed becoming more and more apparant is Synchronicity . I've also heard that this is becoming more and more relevant in society.

    • Joanne, I know you were only teasing me, in a good humor, like a good friend would, but I must tell you, I don't enjoy being called "a psycho freak". Not even in jest. I got put in a mental hospital, labeled "crazy", and FORCED on to medications for MANY many years..... Yet I knew all the time, that this was God's guidance to me. I never (or almost never) hear demonic voices. On those EXTREMELY rare occasions when I DID hear demonic voices or feel evil presences, I ALWAYS was able to ***EXORCISE*** them. Exorcism = banishing of demons and unGodly thoughts or energies via prayer and magick. For those of you who hear voices that irritate or scare you, or that use rude language or say scarey or offensive stuff, ****you can ask your Angels to send away those beings and energies, and leave only Divine Truth and Love in your space****.
      Yes, I HIGHLY encourage everybody here to learn to communicate with your Angels and receive Divine Guidance. My divine guidance just happens to come in Voices, Visions, Dreams, and Tarot or other card layouts. I highly recommend Doreen Virtue's "Goddess", "Archangel", and "Saints & Angels" cards! I own all 3 of these decks and work with them occasionally.
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    Does Anybody Else Hear Voices Inside Your Head?
    Or See Things and Beings Other People Don't?

    I mostly hear my own mind chattering away ..the usual worries or daydreaming that most people have. Sometimes I talk to myself (have conversations with my mind) like, "I should go to bed", then "no, I don't want to" that sort of thing. I think in four ways: I hear thoughts, I feel complex things, I just know things completely and all at once, or I see pictures/video/visualizations. When I meditate, I stop thinking completely in words or language...and I only feel or start to see movies.

    I do have occasional spontaneous telepathy and what I've noticed is that other people think in different ways. Some people like my mother are chatty when they think and it's easy to hear that. Other people feel complex emotions rather then using logic or words. That's harder to translate. I get the emotion, but I have to translate it to thought and it's hard. Occasionally, people see an image and I've been able to get those. It's rare to meet someone that mostly thinks in images/pictures though. I've heard that autistic people think that way almost entirely.

    So the way I hear other people is the same way they think...I don't actually hear a voice, I just instantly get their thought in the way they are thinking it as they think it.

    I also have intuition, but that's more of a feeling then a voice for me. I ask myself questions, and I get the answer in a sort of feeling. I'm talking about questions I don't know the answer to..but I hear the correct answer and can verify it. I assume I'm just talking to some part of me that's connected with everything and has access to any kind of knowledge I want. I don't actually know who the answer comes from. If I want I can know how a movie ends, or if the bookstore will have the book I'm looking for, or if someone is dangerous. I ask sometimes, but mostly I just try to live life spontaneously. Anyhow, my intuition doesn't always answer me - sometimes I think I ask questions I'm not suppose to know the answer to yet.

    Sometimes I get the feeling that someone is trying to talk to me. I feel presences around me. I've had a few instances were people have just died and I felt them visit me before knowing they were dead. Usually, I get a feeling that someone is in the room and that they are trying to talk to me, but I can't hear them. It's fustrating.I don't really see anything that other people don't, but I do sense things. I have an uncanny and uncomfortable ability to sense spirits and/or energy.

    So my answer is:
    No. I don't see or hear things that other people don't.
    Yes. I do feel other people's thoughts and feelings. I do sense spirits and energy.

    Also, I often feel blind. You know that feeling where you are seeing an optical illusion? You know the squares are the same size, but they don't look like it! Well, I get that. I sense a presence or a get a feeling about a place and my mind KNOWS something is there, but I feel like my eyes are fooling me because I don't see anything. It's frustrating.

    I've only heard a voice from someone that wasn't there once. I was in a mostly asleep state and I heard a voice from someone I knew like they were laying next to me in bed. It was eery. I think my brain got mixed up and I continued to dream while I was awake. It was cool, because it was a serious hallucination and it felt VERY real.

    The mind has both the ablity to suppress information (like those optical illusions) and also to create information that isn't there (hallucinations or dreaming). The mind is very powerful. It's like a machine with many dials, buttons and knobs.

    I think naturally a person's dials are set to certain ranges. This creates objective reality. We all see the same tree in a similar way. Anyone who has done a hallucinogenic drug (mushrooms, LSD, etc..) will have experienced having those dials messed with. Anyone that has been diagnosed with a psychological disorder knows that they see a different reality then others.

    What we know is that we don't see reality as it is. We don't. We don't have sonar senses like a bat or a whale. We don't have the acute smell of a dog. These animals sense parts of reality that we don't physically have the abliity to process.

    We also know through psychological studies that our mind can distort or change our perceptions of reality. Optimistic people see an optimistic world, aneroxics still see themselves as obese, that sort of thing.

    I think some people are more sensitive then others. They actually process more information about reality then other people. I think I'm a little sensitive, but there are lots of people that are way more sensitive then me.

    I guess the danger I've noticed in walking this how closely you walk the edge of sanity. Having the ability to see or hear what other people don't is a GIFT. It's an amazing ability. I'm glad that my abilities are not that great, because I have enough trouble dealing with my mind as it is.

    The mind likes attention, and it's very good at creating (it creates your dreams). I've noticed that when I ask my intuition a tries to answer. When I wonder what someone is tries to answer. When I try to do a remote makes up pictures for me. I'm learning to tell when it's my mind and when it's not, but it's work. In Remote Viewing, this is called dealing with Analytic Overlay and it's very difficult even for the best psychic.

    I honestly think that if my mind learns to SEE or HEAR things like that, I would have lots of trouble with seeing or hearing things that weren't real - because my mind *loves* to guess and to create things for me.

    I haven't learned how to quiet my mind yet, so it's a really good thing that my abilities are limited. I think it's likely that some of you just have a naturally quiet mind, or are able to percieve things without your mind interfering...that's really lucky and I hope that someday I'll be there too.


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      <<<So the way I hear other people is the same way they think...I don't actually hear a voice, I just instantly get their thought in the way they are thinking it as they think it. >>>

      Annette, you just hit it on the head for me. so, if one is hearing a thought, how does one know who that thought belongs to?

      now sometimes i have heard the thought with the voice attached... maybe they were screaming or something at me...


      • Ive had a few cases of hearing spirit. The first time was in Montana, near the Dakota border line near the black hills. I heard the words in my right ear, the words in a male voice saying ah teh awah, I might be spelling it wrong, but I found out later that it meant Father Sun in the Lakota language. This was on my property in Montana. To me this land is very sacred, I have felt spirit there of long ago. I have felt that my spriit resided there in another time during wounded knee and the dances for peace. I miss this area and hope to go soon.

        I can see spirit. I can feel their energy. I have spirit come to me in my dream time during sleep.
        I am very sensitive to other peoples and friends thoughts. It is constant. There is not a day that goes by where I have such encounters of hearing and sensing spirit.
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        It's hard sometimes to tell.

        An example,
        Just a few hours ago I was dancing at a party on the beach. Some people behind me were laughing and I had the thought, "are they laughing at me?", then I had a whole bunch of thoughts like that, very self-conscious. I remember being kind of confused, because I'm really confident and I just don't have thoughts like that. At some point, it just dawned on me...someone near me was a LOUD projector (the guy nearbye actually) and he was feeling akward dancing. When he walked away, all those thoughts stopped.

        It's kind of funny to live life this way. I can't take any of "my" thoughts seriously, because I simply can't tell which ones are mine.

  • I can totally relate.
    • I agree on the listening and not responding. My brother had the same way of being. He is bipolar and manic depressed. Many jokes and always on the defense. Ive learned to just listen to him and not to argue. At times I feel he is possesed, not a good feeling and not good to see this in my brother. Atom lives in a playful world of illusions created in his mind on how he should relate to people. Meds can do that, meds are supposed to make the person feel happy and calm, some can, but most will eventualy not work after a certain time of taking them. Atom has his own spirit to wrestle with, all we can do is watch and listen. Let the wrestling match begin...
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        My son is severely bipolar. It's unfortunate that many times they do get labeled with deeply negative labels... most in part because of the stigma in society. It's an illness that is not any different than diabetes or any other medical problem. It just so happens to be in the chemistry or neurological part of the brain. This labeling is unfortunate because it can leave deep, lasting scars on one's total being.

        This is not an illness that one chooses, nor one that most people can control. It's any wonder people joke around alot... I know from my own son, that he weeps terribly but most people would never know that since he comes out fighting when he's hurt. I suppose to a certain extent I do that too.

        Medical research has come a long way. As far as meds are concerned, there are many, many. While one may build up a tolerance to one particular med, there are many others out there.

        We all have our own spirit to wrestle with. Some are more capable than others in effectively dealing with their own problems.. many are not. Just because someone does not come off in an appropriate manner doesn't mean that they have nothing to learn here or are not in need of help. We could all work on accepting people at where they are at in life.

        I don't wish to put Atom in the lime light here, but on a personal level, I am glad that you are here Atom. Sure you agitate the crap out of people, but I know that deep down you are ok with me. You have alot to offer this tribe and I want you to know that.

        Of course, you're more than welcome to tell me to fuck off.... well, you'd do it anyways!

        hugs to you Atom, Joanne
        • on the subject of bi polar ,,, yes i agree that its an awful struggle for anyone with it. my sister has had bi polar for many years now and im always hopeful that someday there will be a better medication and cure for it.
          Anyone who can brave through that illness gets my respect - even though they push people away with
          their *lashings out* at times.
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            <<<Anyone who can brave through that illness gets my respect - even though they push people away with their *lashings out* at times. >>>

            Is that ever the truth Gailiez! My son can "slice it and dice it" when he gets in one of those moods....instinctively knows the deepest weaknesses in others, and boy does he hone in on them. OTOH, he is one of the kindest persons that I know when he's doing well. Heck, I listen to his well thought out advise :) He has so much insight.... it amazes me.

            After several hospitalizations, broken relationships, hearts & lots of my "stuff" I've learned that this is his battle in life. Doesn't mean I don't rip him a new one when he pisses me off. It just means that I understand him and have reached the point that I accept him the way he is. I am basically all that he has in his life. After a few years of crying over it all, I have come to this acceptance... it hasn't been easy. The rest of the family is afraid of him. Sometimes when his pupils start to dialate, I am too.

            So, it is what it is and it is a part of my life....always will be. I am thankful that the both of us have reached that level in understanding that it is our reality and that he knows that I'm not ever going to leave him. I may threaten to kick him out in the heat of the moment, but after it settles, it is what it is... and I'm ok with that.

        • Joanne my heart goes out to you and your son. I agree with you on Atom, he is a good sport and he does have a heart, he can be funny and viotile, but after all were all her to help each other. My family watched for years my brother having to go through so much with being bipolar and manic depressed. I pray for all people who have to go through this that help in some way can come to people who have this. It is true about not being able to control it. Peace to you and your son...
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            This has been a wonderful day ~
            my ex-girlfriend is now her boyfriends ex-girlfriend as-well
            she has said some very nice things about me
            so have most of you

            I have been very withdrawn lonely fearful and down right mean ~
            for about the last year and a half or so
            Yes my meds stopped working
            both bad and very good news

            The bad news about them not work working ~
            depression restless anger

            The good news is the symtoms they use to treat have gone ~
            In my case that's what happened I have worked so hard in the last year
            with the help of very dear friends like MEM and new treatments for PTSD at the Department of Veterans Affairs hospital
            here I am once more ~ yes I am on a new med ~ so what I do blotter and smoke buds
            ~but I am clear~

            If you let your problems become a life problem then thats a problem ~
            I know that those my illness pushed a-way have all-ways been with me

            It feels so good to be me again ~
            I'd cry for joy I'm just to happy to cry

            å†øm ßømß
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              I understand your pain with PTSD. I've had it the last few months. My therapist is always telling me that I have to accept my anger and let it out. She told me last time that people in PTSD often find that they blur the line between being assertive and aggresive, but that they need to get the anger out in whatever form it may come.

              Anger is empowering. It's an important emotion because it tells us when our boundaries are being crossed, and when we should stick up for ourselves. I'm learning to embrace my anger, but I mostly just cry. I should be angry more..anger makes us strong.

              I *knew* you had something to teach me.
  • I suppose that hearing voices means different things to different people.

    I hear emotions in my head for example. I feel them. They float around, I can't pin it down. I can tell whether or not the voice is from the divine (good things).. or just annoying. (bad things)

    I have had visions of stupid things and amazing things. I can see my own future sometimes. Touching someone is an explosion. I've heard the dead I just can't see them since I've never seen a ghost in my life. When my grandmother died she kind of came to me in a vision. She decided to become a very large face floating over me screaming 'oooohhh' just to scare me. She chuckled when I woke up, shaking it off in skepticism.

    Linda - I've heard it from a psychic that I shouldn't talk to my grandmother too much. (because then I do things like leave frying pans on stove tops)...I wonder why this is, yes I know its because I'm going to leave a frying pan on the stove or do ADD-like stuff that brings about my grandmother's worst fears. She wasn't a bad person. She and my father just had drama. My family's worst neurotic fear came true when I left a frying pan on the stove this year.

    I have rarely discussed my vision of my grandmother with others. In particular, the timing since it came when I was lying in bed, right before the phone rang with my uncle sobbing on the other end after my grandmother died from a massive heart attack that came up just like heartburn though nobody knew the difference. Of course, my grandmother had come from Chile in the 70s, having had dementia for several years before she died, dementia that didn't start until she couldn't hide it anymore - back then she was succesful in hiding it.

    Yeah, I hear voices but I know what they are, how they work, and the difference between a good voice or a bad voice. Or just the voice of people's thoughts. I just had an intuitive tell me that I'm not schizophrenic or bipolar (the right term for manic depressive), otherwise she wouldn't have called me out to her. I scored a neat necklace from her for 5 bucks that was made of shells and that grounds me very well. This was incredibly ironic since I used to leave the house with shell necklaces all the time when I was younger.
  • I occasionally hear voices. I often hear my name being called. I see things out of the corner of my eye and I feel presences. I hear orchestral music coming from the heavens or somewhere occasionally. Sometimes I hear the scream of an eagle or a cougar. And sometimes, spirits talk to me. I have been kissed on the cheek by spirit and held in the arms of the Mother. Faeries surround me. Rocks talk to me. I feel energies in my hands .......

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