"spirits" waking you up?

topic posted Wed, January 3, 2007 - 1:24 PM by  Raezen
two nights ago I was sound asleep and I was JOLTED awake by a sensation that some type of spirit was trying to get inside of me. as soon as I awoke I knew that this was not a dream, and I felt very scared. Even though I was totally zonked out, something inside of me "deflected" or "revolted" this spirit type thing & I felt very freaked out & tired, but yet proud of MY soul or spirit for doing this for me, without me even knowing, until after the fact. the whole thing is very hard to explain, but it was very real for me, and I know it wasn't a dream.
I don't know what to make of this?!?
Has anyone ever experienced something similar?
Any thoughts?
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  • this used to happen to me a lot...
    the theory that makes sense to me is that you're not in your body when you sleep and it just happens to people, we attracted certain things i guess because our bodies are shiny, vibing high, and empty.
    my friend how also suffered from this said he believes it was his own self/anxieties/darkness attacking him. i dont really know how to describe this, except that if we are all one, then it has to be yourself attacking you.
    i dont really know what to think of it, except that i believe these two theories.
    • I'm not sure what you mean by we're all one and attacking ourselves? But spirits kept waking me up all night long, for the last three nights. The one spirit dog lays nicely at the end of the bed, like a good girl, but the three spirits cats have been restless, spending the night trying to get comfortable apparently. Which means invisible paws I can somehow still feel spent the night walking all over me. lol And my guides sending me messages, which they do by giving me images while I'm asleep (like how you'd decipher a dream, except that this is actually from someone). I can feel spirits, can feel their emotions, and often get their thoughts (though I'm still having trouble distinguishing them from my own). In my house, on a regular basis, I have two guides, my father, a little girl I think I new in a previous life, three cats, and at least one dog, possibly two. I have been psychicly attacked by a negative/evil entity, but he's been gone for months now. But it messes with your brain. It was like being ten years old all over again, back with my abusive step-father.

      Anyway, I'm rambling. I've read that as sensitives, we're like lights to them. They know we can sense them and the ones that want to contact the living seek us out. I'm still getting used to it. It's kinda freaky. lol

      But I have experienced a form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, in which case you relive trauma you experienced in the past. War Veterans go through it a lot. It can be very real, like your fighting off an ivisible foe. In my case, my stepfather. In which case what your friend says can be true.

      Love and light,

  • <<<two nights ago I was sound asleep and I was JOLTED awake by a sensation that some type of spirit was trying to get inside of me. as soon as I awoke I knew that this was not a dream, and I felt very scared. Even though I was totally zonked out, something inside of me "deflected" or "revolted" this spirit type thing & I felt very freaked out & tired, but yet proud of MY soul or spirit for doing this for me, without me even knowing, until after the fact. the whole thing is very hard to explain, but it was very real for me, and I know it wasn't a dream.
    I don't know what to make of this?!?>>>

    It's definitely possible, hon. I've had spirits come to me wanting to speak through me, write, using my hands. I had a similar sensation the other night, actually, exactly what you described, it felt like I woke up and sent someone back out of my body, except I know it was one of my guides, whom I trust. I'd say shield, but I don't know how to keep someone out when I'm asleep other than to say to surround yourself in white light, to make sure nothing negative can get in. A clairvoyant friend of mine says that when he doesn't want to be bothered, he mentally puts himself inside a big steel ball and locks the door, nobody gets in but him. It works for me when I'm awake, but never tried when I'm asleep. At lleast you were able to kick him out. :)

    Love and light,

    • Yeah.. I have often woken up but it was'nt by some unknown spirit. It only happens to me when I have been thinking or were concerned over someone I love that when they happen to think of me while I am asleep it wakes me up. Some psychic link I suppose..

      And it was very strong in one particular relationship I had.. if he ate something that he really enjoyed I would suddenly taste or smell it too. If I asked him later if he had chocolate cake for instance it always turned out that he did have cake or whatever it was. It was pretty weird.
  • Shew. I've had an experience similar to this. I'll try to explain. One night, I woke up abruptly from sleep. My eyes were still closed and I felt a presence in the room. I remember thinking, "Should I even open my eyes? Do I really want to see it if there is something in here?" Fighting off the intense fear bubbling inside me, I opened my eyes. My eyes darted around the room until I saw a hazy, sort of cloudy "thing" high in the air and about 8 feet away from me. As soon as I caught sight of it, I could feel it's surprise and sense that it didn't want to be seen. It moved really fast across the room and then vanished. I was left with a horrible feeling. After that, I developed insomnia for a while and had to take medication to make myself go to sleep. I am not a religious person, so I can't say that I ever believed in actual spirits or anything before that. I still don't know if I do. I generally have extremely vivid dreams. And, on occasion, I sleepwalk anr talk in my sleep. So, I try to tell myself that it was a dream. But, I can't forget the feeling I had. And, deep down, I can remeber how awake I was.
  • This happens to me when I have a lot of spiritual changes going on. It usually is at specific times, such as 11:11, 12:34, 2:22... and so on. I tell my guides that I know they are trying to get tell me something and that I will listen more carefully. Usually this stops it.
  • this happened to me within the last two weeks. I remember it specifically. it was the same night my spirit animal revisted me...or rather I re-accepted it for I had turned my back on it accidentally due to a spiritual crisis. anyway. I remember feeling the bed shake slightly, and I ignored it becuase this sensation has happened to me my entire life. not so much as when I was younger. it shakes every so gently, and I finally rolled over thinking my body was just involuntarily jerking about, and there it was. I can't explain it beyond the fact that a spirit was standing over my bed, and we looked eachother in the face. I couldn't see a face, but I knew it was his face. it just stood there, looking at me. after some time, I turned back over to go back to sleep, and felt that feeling you get that someone is in the room, someone you don't know. it hung out in my room for a while before taking leave.

    strange things have been happening since then. I've been seeing apparitions in my peripherals at an increased rate. amongst other things. I've been battling with a fear of encroaching psychosis for some time now, and I talked with a good friend of mine back home in portland. she suggested that perhaps I was simply opening up to a new level of awareness and perception. an awareness of realms overlapping our own, etc. I thought this might be possible, and explains a lot of the "psychosis" symptoms I've been exhibiting.

    the problem is, I don't know how much of it is real and how much of it I could be making up in my head. it's hard for me to release and accept when I'm unsure of what's going on at all. it's not the new awareness or perceptions that I'm affraid of so much as...if I let go, will I still have a foot in this world, or will I be lost to this new world I may be awakening to?

    any thoughts or encouraging words?
    • Hi Michael

      I don't have much experience of this at all.. but maybe your psychic boundaries or something isn't strong enough and you need some kind of protection or protection spell or something. Is there nobody spiritually knowledgeable that you can ask for help?

      I will say a little prayer for you if you won't mind though.
      • my friend back home I talked with is spiritually minded, though she has a friend who is a healer whom I trust with my life. I need to speak to her about this perhaps when I get back to portland. in the meantime I've been carrying stones with me. I wear an amethyst quartz to keep myself balanced, also a yellow citrite to help further balance my solar plexus chakra (I've been having problems there...) and an apache's eye to help me understand my true inner self. I thought perhaps it'd be a good first step to ensure I stay balanced. some psychic protection, I feel, would be beneficial. perhaps then I'd feel safer opening to this new awareness if that's surely what it is.

        thanks for your prayers :) they are appreciated.
        • Michael, regarding spiritual protection:

          I learned some of this from the people here on this board and some elsewhere, so I can't be sure where exactly I get this, but white light. Surround yourself and your house in a bubble of pure white light. It protects you from anything negative.

          Sea salt. You can sprinkle sea salt on the floor across the doorways and nothing negative can cross it. It will also absorb negative energy if left on the carpet. I've also surrounded the outside of my house with sea salt (I said a prayer while I was sprinkling it, asking God to bless my house and keep it safe). But this is only if you think you need it.

          Pray to the archangel Michael. He's the protector of the world. And someone here gave me something she says (or used to say as it's been a while since she gave me this) when she's scared, she asks Archangel Michael for full body armor of the violet flame, the omega balance shield, the tripple white light of Christ (I'm not sure what this is supposed to be, but I imagine this as that bubble of light I mentioned, only three of them) and the invisible cloak of light (imagine putting in on and zipping it up).

          This all works for me, makes me feel stronger. But I also trust my guides now, all I have to do is ask and they keep out everybody out for me, when I need peace.

          love and light

          • Unsu...
            Joanne, I find it very interesting that you mention the Archangel Michael. I have been praying to him since I was very young. I pray to him everyday.

            When I was 13 or 14 years old. I was asleep and having a very strange dark dream. What I remember about the dream is vague. The sounds I was hearing could be described as some sort of voodoo ceremonial music....I heard the congas and the chatting or something, but what was frightening was the feeling of something or someone trying to suck the life right out of me. During the dream just before waking, I saw the Archangel Michael (glorious--I'll never forget it). It was quick ; it was as if he came charging in and I woke up. I thought I was not going to catch my breath. It took awhile for me to calm down. This dream happened twice within a week, and twice the archangel came charging in and I was awakened just in time.

            Later I kept seeing little statues of the angel (at the time I did not know it was St. Michael) in cars and other places. Someone told me who the angel was and said he was there to protect me and that I should pray to him always.
            • Diana

              When I first started to open up to spirits, I had an/dark/negative spirit in my house, and I learned to pray to Michael from that. Nowadays I'm more safer, but I still pray to him every night for protection. I feel safer, stronger, that way. I think it's beautiful that you got to actually see him. What a blessing. I'm told by a spiritual friend of mine that one of my guides is an angel. My oldest son can see his wings (in his spirit around the house) but I've only seen them in meditation and even then I'm not sure I trust yet. Beautiful nonetheless. I love angels. What a blessing that must have been for you. Neat. Thanks for sharing. :)

    • Michael

      Honey, you're not crazy. Read my post. I feel that bed shaking thing all the time. Three spirit cats and a dog in my house that love to lie on me. I'm freezing the majority of the time because they're all fond of sitting in my lap.

      But the thing in your room, watching you. I know exactly how you feel. Don't panic. It could be friendly. It could be one of your guides, it could be a family member come to check up on you (my father and grandfather do on occassion). I have two spirits guides, a man and a woman and they spend the nights standing in different corners of my room. I can feel their power, feel them watching me. It's almost creepy, have to remind myself what someone here said, that they're 'watching" me, they're watching "over" me. Could be the same for you.

      The shadows out the corner of your eyes. Oh do I know what you're feeling. When I first became aware of spirits, this is exactly what I saw. Just a shadow out the corner of my eye, and it was usually peeking at me from around a corner. But when i'd look head on, there was nothing there. And that sense of being watched was really strong.

      So I agree with your friend, that you're just opening up to a new level of awareness. I can now see the shadows head on, and can track the movement of a spirit through the house despite not actually being able to see it. So I know how you feel, about wondering if you're completely nuts. Trust me honey you're not. You really are seeing and feeling this stuff.

      love and light,

  • I've had the feeling that there were faces pressed up right against mine in my sleep. Or someone standing over me on more than one occasion. One night I was actually terrified, and grabbed the baseball bat next to bed and started swinging.
  • My name is Lee , im empathic to an extent that i sit up at night while people sleep so i can empty my tired body out of feeling , i also see hear, smell and feel spirit but i block this out due to being just to full up already, Im 37 yrs old and i have had spirit waking me up since the age of 8 or 9, i get spirit pining me in a paralyssed mode to the bed feeling them behind me, im drinking heavily and taking amphetermenes to keep me up and im sitting hear crying coz im finding it harder and harder to block out . please, please can someone help me
    • Is it one specific spirit Lee? I was mulling over your post and wondered if it was always different spirits or always the same one. Personally I've only ever had a bad experience with what I assume was a disembodied spirit and I wont go into that right now, so I don't know how you experience it and so forth.

      From your post it seems as if you feel they are trying to invade your body in a way, is that how you experience it and is that what you fear from them/it?
      • its a few spirits and in away yeah they are trying to invade me but not in a way thats bad, they wont let me denye my purpose, im not being given a choice, and since my father passed 6 years ago its mostly him, you must understand he was a strong medium and a very strong healer , when he was here id hear his voice inside my head telling other spirits NO LEAVE HIM HES NOT READY YET and then they would leave.
        There is one though that i dont want to talk about , ill only say that its a big large shadow that allways comes from behind me, ill be layed on one side and wake up in a panick because im paralised, cant even scream and i can feel it in my minds eye cumming towards me
        • >>>they wont let me denye my purpose, im not being given a choice, and since my father passed 6 years ago its mostly him,<<<

          But so what do you feel is this purpose Lee? I mean what exactly does these spirits wants you to do? I'm asking as I have no experience of this sort of thing so I don't understand what it all mean you see.
          • When i mention Ernie ( my father ) he dosnt wake me in the same way, he comes to me in dream always with a question that i already have the arnswer to but needed explaning. I dont know to what extent all i know is that in some way its to talk to the masses, i dont want to talk about that more because it feels to much. Ive also been told that by a female medium that rings me for a chat now and then.
            About four years ago i for some reason started writting poetry, usually starting with a question in me and ending with the arnswer, only thing is they dont come from me, as i finish 1 line the next comes into my head, ill leave you with one, Love Lee

            MY PURPOSE IN LIFE.

            my purpose in life is not about me,
            its to focus and direct all that i see,
            whether through love or friendship or the hurt that i give,
            i show people around me thier best way to live.

            mabey the lesson is not about me,
            but about all what others learn from what i see,
            mabey the lesson is in what i teach,
            in all what i say but not what i preach.

            if that spiritual plain that phycics do see,
            is the origin of start for you and me,
            then spirit would know that no two souls are the same,
            and not everyones in touch with the guides they do gain.

            so mabey all guides are not spirit form,
            and to progress to that state once more you are born,
            to guide other pupils might be my task,
            and the lessons i learn are the questions i arsk.

            because the path of life twists and turns,
            you switch from one to another and accept what you learn,
            to follow one path would be o so true,
            but what would you learn, learn about you.
            • Beautiful poem Lee, thanks for sharing :)

              I think I understand now what you mean yeah.. so you feel that spirit visitors and your father amongst them give you certain insights in problems that you struggled with. I don't understand why it seems to make you so unhappy though as it seems all for the development of your spiritual growth isn't it?

              In a way that happens to me often too, I can't say its spirits though, I just go to sleep and often during the morning after waking up I see certain things much clearer or receive insights into issues I didn't understand previously. I see it more as bubbling up from my unconscious during sleep. And maybe it's what happens to you as well and you just experience it as coming from outside yourself while in fact it's all you.

              Please don't just deny this is so... think it over a little.. as to your feeling that you have a message for the masses that might well be true, and what better way to convey a message than via poetry :) maybe you should study meditation techniques. That way you can reach your muse better and also soothe the unrest you feel when you have these spirit visitations.
              • thanks magda for your nice comment on my poem, i never view anyones oppinions as wrong but only as different to my own if i feel they are. I'll try to explain what i feel about it all, firstly to me the word spirit has diferent meaning than the words a spirit or spirits, i can only explain it all as if i know it to be true because the information about it is not something ive learnt from a book or words of another person, it comes to me as what you would call an insight, its like a song you relate to, you know mabey the first verse but as you push play and it starts you find you can sing along with it untill you've sung the whole song.

                in my understanding a spirit or spirits are souls that are either dark, lost or have a message for some one on this plain that will help them in some way or another, spirit is as one, like a collective energy that thinks and feels as one, this energy consists of the diferent teachers ( spirituual guides ) that are given to everybody to help them during thier own life paths and the souls ( for want of a better word ) of the beings on a higher plain of which we all originate from and go back to. we beings on this plain, call it the earth plain, are here as individual beings for the purpose of learning lessons through experienceing them and dealing with them first hand on our seperate life paths which when ended we go back to the spiritual plain and try to progress through what we have learnt to a higher level of the collective.

                because we originate there and go back to there our souls are also part of spirit ( the collective ) but the knowledge of it is switch off to create the state of an individual but as i understand it the comunication within the collective is through feeling and understanding, you are a seperate soul but you are also as one with the rest of the souls so your like a computer thats part of a office networking system, seperate it from the rest and it needs are diferent to work alone, plug it back in and its own applications are not used because its part of the network again. now imagine that computer has a wireless chip inside it thats switch on perminately wether its part of the network or not but because when its plug in its working with the rest on one in house system theres no security protection running but as soon as its unpluged its own security programe takes over and the level of the programe runing in that indivdual computer determins the level of access that its security allows to its wireless application. the level of your understanding in spirit form determins the level of access you have to your minds eye ( phycic eye ) while you are earth bound, this is why some people can still comunicate with spirit whilst experiencing the earth plain ( life ), its not a gift given to you because its as part of you as the nose on your face, its just you need to learn why you have the ability to smell before your able to use it.

                conscious and unconsious are states of mind, sub conscious is what keeps you connected to spirit, its where you balance as an individual whats right and wrong as well, when you first wake up its the only time of the day when your mind is totally free which allows us all access to advice from spirit to a question you keep arsking yourself , ineffect arsking them of which you are part of, causing us to recieve insight ( the arnswer ) to a problem ( our question ) we have after a period of sleep ( mental & physical recharge ).

                Often a deciesed parent or grandparent from this plain will act as a interpretor for a guide if they are meeting resistance from your physical form, your open up your channel of comunication more with a voice that you relate to feeling safe and loved with. spirit dosnt cause me unrest, ive seen, herd, felt and smelt diferent spirits and forms of spirit since my earliest memories here, i dont have many nights without the two miscariges the my mother had ( 1 before me a girl and 1 after me a boy ) hanging around my bedroom for me to make me feel safe. being woken by spirit im ok with its the reason for thier persistance, im scared stiff of opening up fully to them because ive never been able to switch off to it and i know what other less friendly entitys can also get in whilst in a clairvoyant state, and i dont know how or if i can control it. knowing im being given no choice but to do something when im scared stiff of what can happen in doing it is what causes me unrest.

                i do think your right about meditation techniques for myself its just that if my mind isnt dealing with a feeling ive picked up then its switching off for sleep, in fact im picking up now that mabey its this that spirit is being so persistant about, yeah , with meditation comes levels of control.

                thankyou for your surgestion, i hope what ive said makes some kind of sense to you whether you think im right or in need of a straight jacket. im nobody to preach my views of beliefs to anyone, your beliefs are your own and nobody has a right to say thier wrong and force through preaching thier own belifs on you, to truely believe in something means you have no need to prove it to others because you have no need to prove it to yourself, with love, Lee

                P.s think of a lifetime here as a day at school on the spirit plain, time has no existance in spirit, at the end of school your judge on what you've learnt in order to allow you progression to a higher level of enlightment.
                • >>>being woken by spirit im ok with its the reason for thier persistance, im scared stiff of opening up fully to them because ive never been able to switch off to it and i know what other less friendly entitys can also get in whilst in a clairvoyant state, and i dont know how or if i can control it. knowing im being given no choice but to do something when im scared stiff of what can happen in doing it is what causes me unrest. <<<

                  Yeah I can definitely understand the reason for your unrest now if you feel you are not able to close yourself to maybe hostile entities.. that sounds very disturbing. I know so many people seem to believe that there is no darkness/evil..but sadly I don't believe this is true either. If evil did not exist neither would pain disease and death.

                  It's incredible that a person can have these powers but have no way to protect themselves.. the only people I ever heard of that uses protection spells are the wiccans, and I don't know how you feel about them. If you are neutral on their belief you could ask them how to do a spell to protect yourself while you are asleep maybe.

                  I think all beliefs have a certain validity.. except satanism of course which is done on purpose to evoke dark powers for selfish reasons.

                  It was so funny what you said about school.. that's exactly how I see life, as a school and everyone in different stages of development. And I think it's fair to say that those who are trying to find a way not to reincarnate on the earthly plane might be near to graduation.

                  And no I don't think you are in need of a strait jacket at all.. since then I must be loony tunes myself *smile*you explained it all very well and I agree with you. I just feel sorry I can't think of any way for you to keep yourself safe though. All I can promise is to remember you in my prayers. :)


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                    Oh wow, Lee. I definitely don't blame you for being afraid. A couple protection things I've learned? Wind chimes. Put wind chimes up at the front and back entrances, and hang them in the eaves of your house wherever the eaves go like this: /\. That particular roof style invites spirits to hang out in them. Also sea salt. Sprinkle it around the outside of the house, around the foundation, and ask God (or whoever your higher power is) to bless the house as you do it. And then close your eyes and imagine a white bubble surrounding the house, above and below the ground. Some people don't believe in shields, but they work for me.

                    Love and light to you,

                    • hello again joanne im still getting that pure white light feeling from you, its abit special to me, thats why i keep on about it, you see for me to see that bright white light in someone is quite rare. thanks for that method of protection with the buble ill try that, wind chimes cold shiver me.
                      i will arsk god for blessing but to me hes higher state but not power because he is part of the spirit collective to which we are all equall. asking your guide will give the same results as asking god, we are all one.
                      christ never arsked anyone to worship god, he arsked them to worship the word of god,

                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.
                    Thanks for your invite magda as i said im honoured, you say that theres people that dont believe evil exists, i would never av believed that
                    if i hadnt felt the ignorance of that view as i read your words ( not meaning from you but from that statement ). total denial is not a belief its an arogant opinion from the selfish, everything in life has a ballance of opposites, there would be no universe without the ballance of matter to anti-matter, no earth without the north and southpoles, your physical bodys whole make up is based on opposite x and y jeens, nobody can live 1 day with out experiencing opposites, on-off, in -out, left- right, up-down, theres no existance without it, evil must exist otherwise nobody would know the meaning of good, thier would be nothing to measure it by. i dont view pain, disease and death as being evil though babe, unless the cause has been directed from another being purely for its own selfish satisfaction, they have there own oppositesof which we experience all of them, without pain there wouldnt be joy, with out disease you wouldnt have healthy and without death there would be no birth, evil exists to know its extent just sit down and think of everything you class as being the positive good ill guarantee every one of them will have an opposite negative evil . your guides are not just watching over you for the sake of helping you with problems, your main guide is there to keep you safe from the opposite of spirit, thier on the door to your club and unless you leave a window open or send out invites, if thier name aint down they aint gettin in.

                    its not that incredible because im an empath, thats not something that develops the more you learn about it, your born with,that , lets call it ability ( only superheros have special powers ). its just that i sort of got born with a delux package and ive known what i know and felt what i feel and seen what i see ever since i can remenber i havnt had to develop it so ive never been taught to develop it so have never been taught protection of it. must say this, in my view no body should need protection from any source outside of themselves, i know this is a very popular subject that includes spells, crystal power, stone protection and emblems, i myself wear a blue topase ring made by a native american given to me by my father before he passed. ive also witnessed spirit leaving a small piece of, again, blue topase at the feet of my eldest daughter when she was about 3 as she sat inbetween my legs on the floor lent up against me watching tom and jerry. what i mean is in no way do i think that stones, spells, crystals ect do not posess the ability to direct energy to form protection, or for that matter any other ability that forms part of belief, its just you ,( If this staement upsets anyone please, please know that irespect all beliefs and would never intensionally upset anyone, please accept my love to you ) its just you are part of the most powerfull collective energy in existance you are part of the next soul and so on and so on, even god though presiding on the highest of the diferent level on the spirit plain isnt more powerfull than you becauuse he also is in spirit, again part of the collective, so hes part of you ( get into that later ), you arent born with a book or piece of mineral with you, your born naked with everything you need in most cases physiclly and spiritually that you will need to fullfill your life span, you just have to learn how to unlock it, same as learning how to walk , every arnswer you need is inside you, do you really think that the part of your brain that scientists say you dont use is empty like a sponge, surely its to complexed to have a wasted area, that part of your brain is filled with the knowledge of the collective spirit but as i said before its swithched off for you to become an individual and make your own decisions.

                    im sorry magda for wandering abit with this, hope i never board you

                    take care, love Lee
  • I've a peculiar experience to share on these lines. One evening as I slept I awoke suddenly with the feeling that I was being watched. I could not identify any being but felt a bundle of energy in front and above me, hovering. In a matter of ...maybe a minute? lifes' experiences flashed through my eyes - all very vivid - and at the end of these visuals it was as if the entity nodded in approval and then left the space. I took it at the time to be a guide checking up on me. Most peculiar.
    • guides have no reason to check on you, you only have one main guide thats always around you the others come and go to what ever your needing at that time, call them specialists, a great great grandparent wanting to checking on you is a possibility .
  • Saturday afternoon I took a nap and I guess I was dreaming, dreaming that I opened my eyes, but my vision was somewhat blurred, I sat up and said something, but it was not my voice, it was much deeper and kind of garbled in my ears, I had a kind of panicked feeling and asked what was going on and realized that I could hear my voice, but it was very small behind the deeper voice. I freaked out a little and being raised Christian began telling whatever was inside me that by the blood of Jesus I was cleansed and that I am his child and he could not have me I closed my eyes and tried to focus on hearing my voice and as I continued to speak my voice got louder until I could no longer hear the deeper voice, I opened my eyes and there was a man standing in front of me, he was very pail and had some kind of thick black writing on his arms, he had no hair anywhere, no eye brows, nothing. This was all happening very quickly. The man ran out of my room and I for some reason ran after him down the hall. He ran into my sons room and turned to me with his strange blue eyes and gave me a creepy, taunting sort of smile before he, like a blur, disapeared through the outside wall of my sons room. I walked back down the hall to and sat on the edge of my bed...which is when I thougt I woke up, sitting on the edge of my bed, I've experienced sleep walking since I was a child, when my husband came in the room and asked who I was talking to, I said I didn't know and he said he heard a mans voice....
    • I wonder what he wanted to do, take over your body or something? Now what everyone here has said made me wonder if spirits sometimes succeed in taking over another soul's house (body) and what happens then to the rightful owner? Is he still in there but suppressed by the new host? And is a person aware that he has been taken over? And the most important, how do they get rid of this unwelcome intruder..
    • hello lisa, well done for controlling that, what ever it was dont fear it because you was the stronger entity, you obviously truely believe in your religion to have had the strength to overcome him, thats the power of belief you see. i feel that your belief in jesus created a strength of belief in yourself, notice you clossed your eyes and kept repeating who you were not allowing him room in you. you focused your mind, in that state anything is possible, well done, that took guts.

      as for who he was i herd my father talking about these beings a number of times when he was with us but to explain them all depends on how open you are in your views, i will say its the black markings on his arms that give it away and be carefull about any decisions you find you have to make soon, make sure your views havent changed.

      with my love and support,
      • Thanks Lee : ) It was by far the strangest thing I've delt with yet, which says a lot if you knew the half of it. I truely could not tell you if I were actually dreaming or not. The writing on his arms was weird, like letters and symbols.... I always appreciate the input and advice of others : )
        • Lisa you've intrigued me, ( sorry if thats spelt wrong as i apologise for every other post of mine, you might have noticed i am not the greatest at spelling) id love to hear about what you have delt with now because if he was what i feel he was it was a puzzle to me why he would vist you, i think you hold the key to it all.

          what ill say for now is that there are diferent dimensions to our ownand some of these dimensions have already mastered time travel to an extent that they nee no craft to carry them, as i said before ive often herd my father talk of spiritual time traverlers thathat have come in a circle hes been running, the marks on the arms are what gives him the abiliuty to do it , will havethere are also demon dimensions and some of them do also have arms like this but they dont leave as quick as he did. ill leave it there for now lisa, i would love to hear about your past, Love always

          • wow what a wonderful post, we are learning here, thank you all and thank you lee for your wisdom and insights. xxxxxx
            • I am coming in on the tail end of this, but I want to give witness to what you guys are recording here. I began to experience spirits interrupting my sleep, days before my brother died. He practiced Wicca from his adolescents through the age of 30, when he took his own life on Samhein (Halloween). At the time, I was unaware of his practice and beliefs, and I was not yet open to my ability to experience spirits and worlds beyond. Actually I lived in half belief - and very reticent to it all.

              Late October 2003, for a few days, I had felt definite spirits in one corner of the room I was staying in. They were fearful to me. Halloween night, I continued to feel them and it being the night it was, I became even more spooked and hesitantly relayed my senses to my hosts, who helped me tell the spirits to leave.

              That night, I felt cat paws walking on my bed (as well, Joanne), and three days later I learned that my brother was missing.

              Incidentally, I believe that I felt the moment of my brother’s passing that evening. It was like a lift from my shoulders – a mix of intense joy and relief. And my thoughts were on him in that instant.

              It took us 2 months to find my brother’s body – to find out what had happened to him. The intense experience of looking for him – investigating all possibilities, searching for him through who he was, learning about his beliefs (not particularly Wicca, but of many other spiritual avenues) definitely opened me up, and gave me an awareness and strength that I did not have before. And it also sent me overboard into that beyondworld for a while. But I came back. And I now trust what I experience. And it’s one of the best gifts I have been given.

              So I had the chance to practice this trust full on the other day, when I was woken with a visit by my brother, grandmother, aunt, and uncle (who also died of suicide). They all stared down at me from above, like an intense panel with a silent, collective, message to get me to communicate with other family members who were in crisis. They remained up there for at least 2 hours – as there was no turning my back to them. Intense.

              And a word of support for Michael. You are concerned about psychosis. They (mental health professionals) say that grief can exhibit almost identical behaviors as mental illness. And boy did I! My belief is that in grief from the passing of a loved one, you are more attuned to their world – their existence. Thus the appearance of mental illness. So following that logic, I would mimic your Portland friend in saying that you – we, are developing a gift. We just have to learn how to know it in a way that does not hurt us.

              I have more thoughts on this, but here I’ve written a lot.

              Thanks for the post, ZenDee.
  • When I was around nine, I was home sick with a cold and I woke up to the sound of someone, a child laughing. I thought it was my brother. If I stayed home, he thought he had to be there with me. But, he had gone to school. I went back to sleep and later something caused me to wake up. I couldn't open my eyes except just a litte and I could not move. My grandmother who had died when I was five was standing over me smiling. I haven't seen her since then. I never figured out what the laughing was or thought about if it could have been somehow related to her being there.

    Around two years ago, I woke up and found my mother in the room with me. I don't remember everything she said except she wanted my son to clean his room. There was more but I don't remember it.

    Sometimes I see dark spots moving around the room. Sometimes I see light ones. These are spirts not ghosts. Ghosts don't bother me as much as the dark spirits.

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