Can you hear other people's thoughts clearly?

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Can anyone here, clearly hear other people's thoughts telepathicly. I have a sense of it, but it's only when I'm in a sleeping state or if i'm really really high. But is it possible to have control over this ability while sober and awake, and hear thoughts audibly instead of just hearing mumbles. If those people who have this ability exist, I have important questions for them, so get back at me! :)
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    I have...but this has been RARE. I can count on one hand how many times it has occured in my entire life and who and when and what it was about. It only happened between my Mother, Sister and my genetically unrelated Grandfather. It was not a full line of thought, but the first half of sentences, enough to make me pry the rest of the thought out of them,(grinning). Usually I could not help but to start with.."What did you say?" At the time it would happen, I just knew they were talking to me. Wrong.
  • I know it's possible because a few times, I did hear thoughts-- words-- just like they were talking to me.

    But most the time-- all of the time-- I just feel their emotions-- as if we were sitting across the table, looking into each others eyes-- even though we may be thousands of miles apart. You'd be surprised at how much can be discussed in this way. Lengthy conversations can transpire. Negotiations can be made. Agreements can be reached. Support can be given-- and received. Long term relationships can be kept== all without words.

    Of course, for this to happen both individuals have to be magnetically charged. Each day, when I wake up I look and listen, to see who's there.
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      i totally agree in personal experience with what you are
      saying, Paul ..most of the time i feel so much more truth
      and progress is possible that way ..when i was first
      becoming acquainted with that type of experience i
      decided it might all be in my head, completely imaginary
      for all i know, have nothing to do with let alone have any
      effect upon the other person whatsoever - but - if it
      brings peace or insight or integration to me personally
      for my own sake and improves my regard of people in
      general, especially those dear to me, it cant be bad : )

      there's so much to consider ..perhaps its two hearts
      communicating directly ..or perhaps its something
      conscious in one communicating with something
      unconscious in the other ..or perhaps its just actual
      communication ..or perhaps, again, its all in my head, but its beautiful in any case *shrugs*
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      Wow, this is so true Paul. It goes along with the sense of knowing someone as if in another time or space, and is somewhat humbling if in the actual presences of those individuals. It has actually made me speechless. (this will amuse you I am sure) It can make me appear a little awkward socially to begin with if I connect on a deeper level with certain individuals. I am more than what they say.(grin)
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        yes : ) if one ordinarily has no general social inhibitions
        its encounter someone over whom
        one finds oneself behaving as if one does..and i think
        thats part of it, for myself anyway..not simply that there
        is so much to hear/listen requires a shift in manner
        of communication altogether, the mind, or consciousness,
        itself changes..or would have to before i can utter a
        proper word..but of course then i have a sense that there
        are proper words, proper would i
        'know' that? : )
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    I firmly believe that things you say are able to attain under altered states would be attainable on your baseline.
    Or by using others means of accessing know. it's all there, it's your big brain, you just tap into it from a different avenue.

    I like to think of it all like the way radios works and transmitters and receivers --> everything from a 9volt & a coin, to your basic mini battery and a simple copper wire, to am radios to amps - you name's currently (& has been for some time) my favorite way to verbally relate it all to other people.

    Been working on it lately (a lot this last week & weekend, which is weird). I swear everything I've been contemplating has been thrust in front of me electronically too ;) Nice week in the learning world :)

    FINE Tuning is an issue, as is amplification. Can pick up a lot of stuff from everywhere, but to zero in on a specific source and have it translate louder internally is a little more challenging, for me at least. I think your brain relays the info in ways you would understand, so you can get other info that turns to sound waves you can pick up. So then thoughts are translated to sound. But it would also depend on the receiver and the transmitter. The transmitter is important....I think that's why the amp thing is so darn hard to tune ;) But at the same time, it would make sense for your being to translate the information in the best, most efficient way for you to understand - which may, or may not, be sound - but rather something else. It's all part of the same

    Dunno if that helps...
    read about radios ;)
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    Maybe the only people who can hear thoughts clearly are the ones locked up in the looney bins and their abillity is forcefully destroyed by medication. How discouraging to my goal of achieving to hear thoughts audibly.
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      Oh do not be discouraged! Isn't the mystery and wonder about all the different lines of thought a branch for creativity and growth. The joy of childlike wonder and discovery. If it is what you are led to do...then continue. You may forge a new way....a new creativity. All things are possible. I know...I have met the no thingness of zero....many times. It contains EVERYTHING to be discovered!
    • Er.. on meds, not in the psyche ward and very rational. I have also given people some pretty good readings that shall remain private. I do not divulge the contents of my readings on the internet or to anybody else. I have spent my life hiding this stuff from others but given a chance I'm sure employers would find my intuitive skills very intriguing and be totally fascinated by it.
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    It really depends. I seem to be able to read people's intentions and feelings incredibly well. As for thoughts, it seems that I can only clearly read people's thoughts when their thoughts are totally different from my own. I suppose a lot has to do also with being able to differentiate my thoughts from someone elses.

    I've also recently discovered that I can most clearly read people's thoughts when they themselves are clear thinkers. At work we have a co-worker that has Attention Deficit Disorder. That person is practically imposible to read because her mind jumps and skips all around. At times I get a headache just being around her because my head feels like its in a paint mixer.
    • short answer; no.

      longer answer;

      if i wanted to spend a very large amount of time and personal energy, i could. I don't even try because thats not my mission here.

      I have heard other peoples thoughts in some circumstances and in most cases, i can tell you it wasn't pleasant.

      My question would be, for what purpose would you do so?

      There are only a few good reasons to try it, amongst them are higher level deeper intimacy and, perhaps to effect certain kinds of healing.

      for the most part, God keeps the mind private because thats part of the deal. Tiferet receives all of our thoughts, colelctively, but tracing
      any given node in tiferet back to any given person is almost impossible, because most nodes in tiferet are simultaneously created by thousands of people, and because most people are simultaneously projecting into and out of hundreds of different nodes at any given moment.

      The system is built to make "reading' other peoples thoughts next to impossible, for very good reasons related to sustaining individuality,
      and the sheer problem that everybody has a shadow.

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